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Get help for any Dealspotr-related question here.


Problems with my account

I have problems with my account and I reduced 10k points and I get the following notifications
The Dealspotr team sent you a message: "While reviewing your account, we noticed activity that was similar to abuse patterns we've seen of the referral system. Your account has been adjusted accordingly. " view more


Show us photos of you Dealspotting!

We know you're all working diligently to make sure Dealspotr is the most up-to-date and accurate deal site on the web. But we want to see how you do it! Are you set up on the couch with your feet up, laptop in hand? Are you out scouring the malls and storefronts looking for sales? Share a photo of yourself spotting deals here! view more


My session closes for no reason.

Hello everyone, are you currently in the maintenance of Dealspotr? I have validation problems, it gives me error and today my whole session closes without reason and I have friends who happens to them the same, since they are browsing in any section of Dealspotr and the session closes unexpectedly. view more


Searching by Country

Is there a way to search for deals by country? I don't want to buy from the US but most deals seem to be based there and I can't see an easy way to search by country? view more


Why did my validation get rejected?

Hello dealspotr, I would like to know the reason for the penalty in this validation. The reason they give is this "Oops! Your validation: Save 20% + free beauty bag when you spend $89 was flagged for the following reason: Problem with your deal title (typo, language, grammar, style). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations!" But still I do not understand the reason, I leave the image of reference. view more


Searching for Stores

Has this happened to anyone else? I was trying to add a deal for a store that I couldn't seem to find on Dealspotr, however, when I enter all the information and try to submit it, it says that the merchanct already exists. However, no matter which way I search for this store on Dealspotr, I can't seem to find it anywhere. view more


What reason for invalidating a deal?

My question concerns invalidating a deal in which the promo code is incorrect (such as having a typo). None of the reasons for invalidating in the drop down menu seem to apply. Perhaps there should be one for "Promo code incorrect" or something similar? Or if not, which reason should I choose to be accurate? view more