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We can help to Dealspotr

We all know of the delay that is occurring with the payment of gift cards. It usually took 2 to 7 business days to receive payments, currently they are taking more than 20 days, the staff of dealspotr say the delay is for the number of moderators. view more


injustice of the payments

good afternoon, I come peacefully to claim because I was penalized with the elimination of 24,000 points in my account if I have done everything right it seems disrespectful to me, after they have taken too long with payments in many accounts of the community view more


Unfair advantage

Hi, i'm making this complaint because most of the people who post at Dealspotr are feeling useless due the reason that this page offers you the opportunity of looking for new stores and to post offers first in orders of getting more points. There is a usser who has more advantage than all of us, he receives the codes more early on his email, post the codes sometimes without showing the store who offers it (and some users including me have suffered points reductions for posting offers without showing that) and basically we have 0 oportunitties of posting codes on most of the stores because that user is taking advantage. This is only a sugestion but from Monday to Monday from 8 am to 6 PM we dont have the opportunities to post because of that view more

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