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Nobody that answers and helps users

I think that most of the users of this site are not against the changes that are made to improve this community, what seems incredible is that they are so quick to review your activity and are so quick to penalize when you are wrong, but not be able to respond to the few but justified questions from us users through the forum... we are several who have been asking how to know how many codes a store has to avoid working in those that have more than 30 (High Volume Stores) and we have not received help to know how to continue the work correctly. view more


Expiration Dates

Good evening, recently i lost two pointss for abussing on the expiration dates, and my question is, sometimes there are promotional codes from special dates like Memorial, Father and my question is: if that offer has no expiration date and we place the estimated date of that holiday, why do we have to put a month of expiration on that offer in case there is no proof of one, isn't that unhelpful because you are extending an offer who ended a while ago? view more


Gift card delays

Hi everyone, as many of your have noticed, there is a delay in the payment of gift cards right now. Please rest assured, you will be getting your gift cards soon — we are processing requests from 3/13 today, and will continue to work towards our 2-7 day window soon. view more


gift cards 05/15/2019

Good afternoon, I apologize for the inconvenience but I wanted to know if you comply with the regulations of the payments of the gift cards of 5 to 7 working days and that you request it on 05/15/2019 and to the date of today I have not received anything. could inform well of what happened view more



I do not understand why now my score goes down, it is assumed that if you do not know the expiration date of the coupon you must place 4 weeks, because that is how I do my job, and they also fine me by saying: the agreement expired or a date of incorrect expiration during creation.
Even when? Someone explain me.
Already my level after very high, low to zero, I cost a lot, then I work to raise it and there is not a day that I am not fined, to raise it will cost me a lot.
I expect a quick response to improve my work. Thank you! view more