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The place to discuss anything related to influencers, blogging, social media, promoting brands, and using Dealspotr as an influencer


Influencer Email Glitch

Hi all! If you're an influencer and you received an email saying that you have 5 days left to complete a campaign, please disregard. This was an internal glitch while we launched a time limit on applications for brands. We're sorry for any inconveniences and please check your Campaigns tab to see the current status of the campaign. view more


Need help contacting someone at Dealspotr

Hi, I completed 2 different campaigns and am having trouble getting anyone to email me back to see if I have made any sales. I wrote a blog post for Buddha Beachwear and was given a personal code. If I sold any flip flops on that code I was to recieve $5 each pair. I published the post, and promoted on social media and in my weekly newsletter several times. I emailed the contact name for this company twice and have yet to hear back from anyone to see if I have made any sales view more


Campaign code not working

Hi all, I've been accepted to do a campaign for a brand using a personalized discount code. I've tested the code on the website but it is not working. Anyone has any idea why this is so. I am supposed to write a blog post to promote this campaign but seeing the code doesn't work, I don't know what to do. Any suggestion are welcome. view more


How to submit campaign post?

Hi! I just need to know how to send a merchant my campaign post that I wrote up for them? I finished my end of the deal, posted it on my blog today. But don't I need to send back the proof to them somehow? I just can find anything about this in my Dealspotr account. view more


Influence score Drop

Hello, i noticed my influence score keeps dropping, why is that pls? As am not happy about it at all, it was 67 and has dropped, all my social medias keep growing everyday and i even have a verified instagram page, i also notice my social media is not updated on your platform, is there anything am doing wrong? Will really appreciate is someone can respond to me. Looking forward to hearing from you view more


Influencer Score

I have connected all of my accounts and my influencer score still shows 0 and it should be around 4000. It also keeps saying verify now for influencer status and I have done this. Please help! view more