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The place to discuss anything related to influencers, blogging, social media, promoting brands, and using Dealspotr as an influencer


Influencer Email Glitch

Hi all! If you're an influencer and you received an email saying that you have 5 days left to complete a campaign, please disregard. This was an internal glitch while we launched a time limit on applications for brands. We're sorry for any inconveniences and please check your Campaigns tab to see the current status of the campaign. view more


How to submit campaign post?

Hi! I just need to know how to send a merchant my campaign post that I wrote up for them? I finished my end of the deal, posted it on my blog today. But don't I need to send back the proof to them somehow? I just can find anything about this in my Dealspotr account. view more


Influencer Score

I have connected all of my accounts and my influencer score still shows 0 and it should be around 4000. It also keeps saying verify now for influencer status and I have done this. Please help! view more


Influencer score

How often do you guys update the influence score for a certain platform. I was told the best way to increase your score is to increase your engagement. I had a few instgram post lately that have received huge engagemnt with likes, comments and views yet my score has not changed one bit. view more


Paypal payments refund issue

On 13-05-2019 Dealspotr send me $50 in my paypal account. I have some issue with my paypal account. For that reason i have to refund the payment. Please add those refund amount on my account points. I have already updated my new paypal email account. view more


applying for campaigns

I have been applying for campaigns for about 2 months and brands have yet to accept my application. I have even sent them a message through dealspotr reminding them to look over my application when there are less than 10 days left for them to accept. Is anyone else having this problem? view more


Cannot Change Website?

I sold the brand and digital assets of the website I originally signed up as an Influencer with. How can I go about updating the website and claiming it? It always gives me an error message but no reason. TIA view more


Help With Getting Through To A Sponsor I Worked For?

Hello.... I completed a job for a sponsor and left the links to my post and social shares for review. They are still sitting there for review almost 3 weeks later although I have repeatedly messaged my original contact since then asking him to review so that we can close out the job. He has not replied. Any help would be greatly appreciated..... thank you view more


Help please, Influencer waiting

Good evening, I can not run campaigns, my score and / or influencer session was removed from my user account, I'm preparing my social accounts to establish a better way to promote campaigns, when I can access my activities in the Influencer Marketplace, I am eager to start my campaigns. view more


Late on payment

I submitted the information for a completed campaign. It is now gone from my dashboard and I have NOT been paid. It's like it never exsisted. I have tried to private message both the contact and Emily Helwig. No answers. view more


My influence score or session was removed a week ago

I hope you all have a nice day, I guess that many people are in the same situation that I, the last week I verified my account as an influencer, where I started my own blog and twitter account to engage with people, but while I was waiting to the answer of my first campaign, my influence score was totally removed, and I can´t apply to any campaign now or reactivate my influence. view more