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The place to discuss anything related to influencers, blogging, social media, promoting brands, and using Dealspotr as an influencer


How do you get your influencer score up?

I am new here and have only been accpeted an have completed one promotion. The others that I've applied for have not gotten back to me and then they've expired. I see a new promotion that I'd LOVE to promote on my site. It is the prefect fit, only my influencer score isn't high enough to even apply for it. Bummer. I'm trying to do more promotions to get my score up, but it's hard. view more


Content needs to be approved.

Not sure who to reach out to as I seem not to get any responses from anyone. I've completed a campaign, the merchant has shared it on all of their social media, but have yet to approve my posts. It has been over 2 weeks, who can help with this? I have reached out the them, can someone help? This seems to happen all the time with each campaign! Andie Schilstra view more


Product sample processing but item arrived?

I am working on the Darn Good Yarn campaign and the product samples arrived but in my dashboard it says " Product sample processing" and " Make sure your delivery address is correct" I am unable to submit anything but there is also no option to check in that I already received the product samples. What is the next step? view more


confused about campaign..

a brand reached out to me via Insatgram to send me their products after I applied through dealspotr. I don't mind except they havent accepted me into the campaign on dealspotr (which is a paid campaign). i feel like they went around so they dont have to pay me...?. not sure what to do in this situation. i already asked them but got no response view more


Waiting for Brand

I have a brand that hasn't approved or suggested new edits for my blog post. It's been almost two weeks I think and they don't have a contact account so I don't know how to reach out to them. view more