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The place to discuss anything related to influencers, blogging, social media, promoting brands, and using Dealspotr as an influencer


Payment Past Due

Hi, I wrote a sponsored post that was approved and says, "paid" by the merchant on 10/8, yet it still shows "processing". It states that I should receive payment between 2 - 7 days and now it's been 9 days. I assuming since the merchant says they've paid, this is on Dealspotr's side. Hope someone can check into this for me. Thanks! ~Donna view more


Fluctuating score and $$

Hello. I am fairly new on here and still getting the hang of how things work around here. For a post I've submitted, the amount was $44 but the amount I received was $40. Are the certain fees deducted or something? Also, my influencer score has been flucuating. It happened once and I found out that it has been happening with others as well due to some glitches and such. The problem was fixed. But I see that my score went down again. The last time it went down four points. This time, one. I am so confused! view more


Ability to add more blogs

It would be awesome if we had the ability to add more than one blog here. I have 5 blogs - each is a different topic but I can only connect one here. There are lots of opportunities that would fit my other blogs but I cannot apply for them here because it only allows me one. view more


Update Website

Hi, I've updated my website / blog. I've transfered my old posts over but it will not let me update my website in my profile settings. Is this something done in the backend that I apply/request for? view more


Cannot Verify Webiste

I have been trying for MONTHS to verify my blog. I copy and paste the button, it shows on my sidebar AND on my contact page and it still says that it cannot be verified. I have asked for help several times by sending the link that is having the issue and I have gotten no response. view more


Campaigns that never happen?

Why are there so many campaigns that never show they are working with anyone? They sit there for weeks and weeks & the merchant never chooses people to work with. They never decline your application either. Is there a way this can be cleaned up? Or they can expire after an acceptable period of time? It should not take 3 weeks for them to pick someone to work with. view more


Amazon Sellers

A lot of Amazon sellers who are creating campaigns in the Marketplace are emailing me privately and asking me to review their products on Amazon in exchange for free samples. This is against Amazon's guidelines. They are shutting down accounts if those guidelines are violated. Can Dealspotr add something about this to the guidelines when businesses create campaigns so they are aware of this? I've received three emails like this just yesterday, and its getting frustrating. view more


How long does it take to get approved??

I have applied for multiple campaigns about a week ago (and some months ago), including a Dealspotr one, and haven't been told either way if I have been approved or denied. How long does it take? I have also submitted a promotion that I completed days ago and the company hasn't approved it yet! How long does it take?? view more


Paypal Process Time?

I requested a paypal cash out on 7/23 and its still pending. I never received any sort of confirmation email or anything and I was wondering how long it typically takes to process? view more