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The place to discuss anything related to influencers, blogging, social media, promoting brands, and using Dealspotr as an influencer


How long does it take to get approved??

I have applied for multiple campaigns about a week ago (and some months ago), including a Dealspotr one, and haven't been told either way if I have been approved or denied. How long does it take? I have also submitted a promotion that I completed days ago and the company hasn't approved it yet! How long does it take?? view more


Paypal Process Time?

I requested a paypal cash out on 7/23 and its still pending. I never received any sort of confirmation email or anything and I was wondering how long it typically takes to process? view more


Post Pending for over a week?

I have a post for Nganic pending for over a week, I've tried messaging the client AS well as Dealspotr and I havent gotten anywhere. The client shipped the product and then everything went radio silent. How long does it typically take for posts to be approved? What is everyones experience...this was my first and I'm not overly impressed... view more


Verifying site issues

I have several issues. 1) I'm unable to update my site to show I have HTTPS. 2) When trying to include an influencer button on my website, I copy and past the code and it shows on myi site, but Dealspotr website says it can't be verified. I've requested assistance multiple times and I continue to be told I'm using an old button. But, I'm using the buttons I've finding in the verification section. view more


Completed Campaigns

I've completed a campaign with Lean Joe Bean, however I have not been able to submit my video for review. I've tried contacting the merchant but have recieved no response. My "Promo Due Date" has not populated under "My Campaigns" either. Just wondering if there's any more that I might do to get the ball rolling here. My date admitted is 03/12/2018. view more


Get your commissions!

TTDeye Store has carried out a new and easy work that we provide commissions as the return of your code we make ONLY for you if people use your code! You can use it in your posts or put the code in the bio of your social media pages so the people can see it directly! view more

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